Our Approach.

To kick start your time as a student in Lund the Novice Committee invites you to The Novice Week. During the week we want to make sure you feel as comfortable as humanly possible, and have as much fun as possible.

Our Mission.

During our events you will have the opportunity to make friends for life.

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About the Novice Committee.

The Novice Week takes place in Lund between Monday until Saturday the week before the autumn or spring semester starts. It is an intensive week with a great variety of activites, all of them focusing on you getting to know as many of your new class mates as possible, and of course having a whole lot of fun!

More than 380/190 (autumn/spring) students participate in the week where you will be divided into groups of approximately 20 people each. There are experienced students acting as mentors (faddrar) during the week, and they will show you all the best sides of the ”Lunda-life”.

To be able to attend the Novice Week you have to be a member of Studentlund before the week starts. Studentlund gives you everything the student life in Lund has to offer combined in one membership. Studentlund consists of all student unions, ”Nations” and Akademiska Föreningen in Lund.

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The Novice Week

To kick start your time as a student in Lund the Novice Committee invites you to The Novice Week.

The Novice Week includes; Six days of activities and fun, four nights out at different nations in Lund, four legendary afterparties at Skånis, an epic closing ceremonial gala, an outfit composed by your fadders, breakfast every morning, lunch on Thursday and a BBQ on Saturday.

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Sign Up For The Novice Week Fall 2019

Every year new students arrive to Lund University School of Economics and Management, let’s give them the best welcome possible! Apply to be a ”Fadder” for the Novice Week VT20! The Novice Week will be between the 13th-18th of January 2020.

Are you Brave, Caring, Responsible and Super Psyched? Gather your friends and apply in groups of 4! The auditions will be held between 11th-12th of November. At the audition, you are supposed to show a movie or spex (or both) for 5-10 minutes that convinces us in the committee that you are the perfect fit for being Fadders – creativity is encouraged. The spex and/or movie is followed by a group interview that lasts for 10 minutes.

The last day to apply is November 10th but please apply earlier so we can find the interview time that suits your group the best.

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