LundaEkonomerna ensures quality and wellbeing for all students at LUSEM

Therefore, your opinions are important to us. If you have experienced anything out of the ordinary, no matter where or what, please do not hesitate to contact us by registering an issue. All issues are anonymous unless you decide otherwise.


All School-related matters are handled by the Education Committee, or by the Educational Affairs Manager and the Vice President. These people work with Educational Surveillance and its improvement. An issue is anything that affects your studies, like grading, teachers’ pedagogics, study environment, and harassment. The Union related matters are handled mainly by the Board of LundaEkonomerna. These ten people are chosen by the members and operate at Skånelängan. If you have experienced something out of the ordinary at one of our events or if you have something to comment on our ways of working etc., this can be defined as a union-related issue.


By registering your issue below, you inform us about your perception of the issue. The issues are anonymous unless you decide otherwise. The issues are handled solely by people in positions of trust within the Education Committee and the Board. The issues are handled in accordance with the List of Rights and the Swedish Law.

If you want to read more about our work with student health and wellbeing or find contact information to support functions check out this page.


At Lund University, we have a special list of student rights that is used on all faculties. This list is a gathering of laws and accepted statements that apply to all students studying at Lund University.

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LundaEkonomerna's opinions and standpoints in various matters. Such as education, the university, LUSEM, and Studentlund.

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