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The General Council takes all the major strategic and financial decisions, appoints the board members and approves budgets and annual reports. The council also elects all committee project leaders, the Nominations Committee and take decisions specified in the statues.

Our Mission

The General Council is the highest decision making body in LundaEkonomerna.

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Spring 2023

GC1: 7/2

GC2: 14/3

GC3: 4/4

GC4: 5/4

GC5: 19/4

GC6: 3/5

GC7: 16/5


The General Council is the highest decision making body of LundaEkonomerna. All major
strategic and financial decisions are voted upon and approved by the members of the General Council. Further, the General Council elects the students that are appointed to the union’s positions of trust as well as the Board each academic year. A candidate needs a majority of the council 39 votes to be elected. Decisions that have an essential impact on the union in its entirety are discussed and approved by the General Council. Therefore the Board needs to report to the General Council about its operations. All members of LundaEkonomerna are welcome to attend the General Council meetings. The members of the General Council, the Speakers, the Nominations Committee, and members of the Board are always present.

The General Council consists of 21 ordinary members and 10 deputy members. The members are elected at the end of each spring semester by a democratic election where all members of LundaEkonomerna have the opportunity to vote. The members of the General Council are thus representing the 3000 members of the union. Both ordinary and deputy members have the right to attend the meetings and participate in the discussions.

The Speaker and Vice Speaker are the chairmen of the General Council meetings. This means that they are the ones in charge of summoning the meetings, creating agendas, and leading the discussions.

The role of the Nominations Committee is to nominate a candidate to a position of trust, including members of the Collegium and of the board. The committee holds interviews with all candidates that have applied through them and nominates one of the candidates to the position which the members of the General Council get informed about a week prior to the General Council. To get the nomination means that the candidate has an advantage in the General Council where the actual election takes place. An important point to make is that it is not mandatory to apply to a position of trust via the Nominations Committee. It is possible to apply directly to the General Council, without going through the Nominations Committee. If a candidate wishes to apply directly to the general council, please email speaker@lundaekonomer.se. However, then the candidate does not have the chance of getting the nomination which will be a disadvantage when the election is held.

This is where your journey as a leader within LundaEkonomerna begins!

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