Our Approach.

We aim to cross-border the committees within LundaEkonomerna, making the whole student union work more as one. Also, we are responsible for the maintenance in and around Skånis, our beloved home.

Our Mission.

To make sure that Skånis does not fall apart.

What we're up to.

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About the Quartermaster.

The Quartermasters are responsible for the maintenance of Skånis, also known as our second home. Moreover, we gather the voices of the committees regarding joint purchases that can benefit the organization as a whole. Furthermore, we handle all room bookings sent by active members.

However, as the role is still quite new, the daily work is not clearly defined and in many ways up for the Quartermasters to decide. Feel free to contact either of us if you have any ideas that you would like to discuss. We are equally open-minded and hearted.

Meet the Team

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