Are you a new student that is about to study at the bachelor level? GOOD! Prepare yourself for the best week of your life! The novice week is six days packed with activities created for you to meet your classmates and all new students at LUSEM. It’s constructed to create friendships and break the ice so when you come to the first class the week after, you already feel comfortable with all new faces. It also takes you around your new home town and when it’s done you certainly know the ins and outs of Lund.

During the days you compete with your 20 students big faddergroup against other faddergroups and during the night we explore the nightlife Lund has to offer. Lastly, we end the night at out union house Skånis for the traditional afterparty and Skånis closing (of course, depending on the current situation and in line with the restrictions). And don’t worry, all intake of alcoholic beverages is voluntarily and the atmosphere will be only welcoming and safe! However, you will most certainly be super-tired and filled with endorphins when the week is over!

The week is arranged by the Novice Committee and they reach out to all new students prior to school-start with information. But if you haven’t gotten that information visit their page to learn more and sign up! If you have any questions or concerns contact info@lundaekonomerna.se.


Look out for the event in your mailbox and our Facebook!


Main Sponsors of the Novice Week