Our Approach.

Vinterbalen is LundaEkonomernas annual ball which is one of the biggest celebrations in Lund and LundaEkonomernas largest social event. Step into the venue and get ready to experience the magic inside its walls.

Our Mission.

Our primary mission is to create an outstanding ball in honor of all our fantastic members.

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About Vinterbalen.

Vinterbalen is primarily held in honor of all of our hard working members that proudly represents LundaEkonomerna throughout the year. This year we will celebrate the 19th edition of Vinterbalen, that is one of the greatest white tie balls in the Nordic region!

We can also guarantee you entertainment of its highest class. We will of course continue the evening by dancing it away at the traditional after party. As it is the fourth year that we are arranging a lunch at the Sunday we are now making it a annual tradition! We can promise you that this years edition of Vinterbalen will be something out of the ordinary, so make sure to be there!

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