Our Approach.

The eeeConcept is focused on creating the best possible circumstances to meet your future employer. With 35 years of experience we have developed at set of great complimentary activites were you as a student get the opportunity to meet you dream company. 

Our Mission.

We will do everything we can to take you closer to your career.

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About eee.

The eeeDays is the largest career fair for Business, Economics and IT-students in the nordic region. Annually arranged by LundaEkonomerna at Lund University School of Economics and Management. The 36th edition of eeeDays will be held during in February, 2020. With surrounding concepts and events aiming for interaction, eee is more than just a career fair. We offer the ultimate platform for your journey towards recruitment.

Through eeeBoost, eeeLectures, Workshops, eeeConnect, Career Interviews and Pytten – we make sure your experience will be maximised. eee is LundaEkonomerna’s biggest event of the year, and we don’t hold back. We give you endless opportunities to meet companies, practice, develop yourself and have tonnes of fun while doing it. The Committee and Task Force is made up of 32 people who work day and night to make sure you get the most out of your experience.





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