Educational surveillance is the main purpose of our union. We are here to support you in matters large or small and represent your opinions towards LUSEM and LU. We work every day to improve and develop your education, to make your studies rewarding, your knowledge relevant, and your future brighter.


We support students in all issues regarding their education and study environment. In cases of harassment and discrimination, we want to emphasize that the faculty has the guarantee that reprisals will not take place. It is safe to report incidents to us. Find more information about how to report an issue here



Our goal is to represent our members’ opinions in a broad scope. We gather your opinions through the Speak Up Days, by your student issues, and by talking to our members. We are in dialogue with LUSEM and LU on a daily basis, and represent you in all decision-making bodies of LU, from the departments of LUSEM – all the way up to the board of Lund University!

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We work with being the voice for students in forums with the school and the university, to ensure that students’ view always are represented in discussions about their education. Find more information about who is representing you in the different forums here:

student representatives

You can also read more about our Opinions Programme here:

Opinions Program

The latest news about educational surveillance at LUSEM!

Here are the Speak Up Days reposts from a few years back. SPUD is handled by the Education Committee each semester and exists to get a deeper understanding of the students’ opinions.

Take part of our biggest achievements from the latest Semester in terms of Educational Surveillance. 

Here you will receive updates every other month about the Union’s latest achievements when it comes to your education.

List of Student Rights

At Lund University, we have a special list of student rights that is used on all faculties. This list is a gathering of laws and accepted statements that apply to all students studying at Lund University.

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Opinions Program

LundaEkonomerna's opinions and standpoints in various matters. Such as education, the university, LUSEM, and Studentlund.

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I am very stressed about my studies and feel anxious about my exams, where can I get help?

Student health helps students who feel anxious about exams, feel stressed, struggle with sleep and other study related issues. You can find more information about mental health and other help functions on our WeCare page.

I am applying for a course next semester, but I cannot find any course syllabus, shouldn’t it exist? 

Course syllabus is to be available long time before last application date. Course and programme

syllabi for the next semester are to be available at the latest on the day the application period opens for the course or programme. 


The teacher does not want to give out old exams, what can I do to get access?

Old exam questions and answers are usually public documents and can be requested by all Swedish citizens (Tryckfrihetsförordningen 2 kap 1, 6-7 §).


The course starts in three weeks and there is no schedule for the course yet, when should I get my schedule?

The University is responsible for ensuring that course timetables and dates and times of exams and re-sits are available on the course or programme website and student portal where applicable at least one month before the start of the course.

I have dyslexia, what kind of support exists?

If you have a disability and need support to be able to study on the same terms as others, you are welcome to apply for pedagogical support. Find more information here.

It is impossible to find any exam criteria for the exam, how can I know what the teacher uses to assess the exam?

According to paragraph 5.7 of the Student Rights List of 2017, information regarding assessment, requirements for taking exams, assessment criteria, criteria for a pass grade and permitted study aids are to be communicated to the students at the start of the course and be easily accessible during the course.


In addition, the same criteria must apply to both regular examinations and re-examinations.


My re-exam in the previous course is on the same day as the regular exam in the course I am studying now, which makes it difficult to study for both. Is it okey?

A re-examination within a semester on different courses or sub-courses should be on different dates and also on a different date than the mandatory part of other sub-courses within the semester.


The teacher has provided us with an exam that is not stated in the course syllabus. Is this okay?

According to paragraph 5.2 of the Student Rights List of 2017, the University is responsible for ensuring that examinations are conducted in the way stated in the course syllabus. Course syllabi are to be designed in accordance with the Regulations for First and Second Cycle Syllabi at Lund University, Reg. no I G221 5146/2006. Any deviation from the course syllabus is not okay.


My retake exam is on a Saturday. I thought we were not supposed to have exams scheduled on weekends?

According to paragraph 3.10 of the Students Rights List of 2017, regular exam instances are not to be timetabled on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays in the Swedish calendar. Thus, the regulation does not apply to retake examinations.


I believe that I have been wrongly assessed and given the wrong grade, can I appeal the grade?

A grade cannot be appealed, but it is possible to request that the grade be reconsidered by the examiner. If an examiner finds that a decision on a grade is clearly incorrect due to new circumstances or for any other reason, he or she must change the decision, if it can be done quickly and easily and if it does not mean that the grade is lowered.


How many re-exams can I take before I have to re-do the course?


I only got accepted to 30hp for one semester when I applied for more. Why is that?

What can usually cause problems is the order in which courses are entered on For example, one cannot be approved for more than 150% of studies during the same period. This means that if you have applied so that you study 200% during, for example, period 1, you will be refused courses that make you go over 150% for this specific period.


If the above is the reason why you did not get more than 100%, the solution should be to apply for leftover spots.


A possible exception can be made if you apply to be admitted to more than 45 credits and means that you must take credit for previous studies within the applied course. Exceptions are not granted simply because you have the motivation and desire to read more.


I missed the registration for my courses this semester. Is there any way I can still get a spot?

If you fail to register on time or are absent from a mandatory call, you will lose your place unless you can show that you had special reasons.


It is important that you follow the instructions in the welcome letter you received from the institution so that you do not risk losing the offered place. If you have not received any information about registration before the start of the semester, you must contact the department in good time before the course starts.

I feel that I have been exposed to harassment, but I am not sure if it actually can be called harassment or if it was just me.

The person who feels exposed is the one to determine what (s)he perceives to be discrimination or harassment, not the intent behind the behaviour.


I want to inform about an incident of harassment. How do I go about it?

If you feel that you have been subjected to any form of harassment, you can turn to your head of department or another staff member you trust. Employees have a responsibility to inform the head of the department concerned. You can also turn to the Student Health Centre or us in Lundaekonomerna for advice and help.

I experienced an incident where I could have been very hurt. How can I report this?

Are you uncertain about what to report or how to make a report? Turn to your student representative in Lundaekonomerna for assistance or contact us here.

Find more information about what is an incident and what is an accident here.

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