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Every fourth year the big Carnival in Lund is arranged. Carnival X is LundaEkonomerna’s own version of this project, responsible for arranging events and other fun activities for the students to get in the right spirit. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to give our members an opportunity to meet, find new friends and celebrate in a true Carnival spirit.

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About Carnival X

Carnival X 2022

Every fourth year, the biggest event in Lund takes place: LundaKarnevalen. This is an event where all of the students in Lund come together to get the best possible Carnival. During the Carnival, which will take place between May 20-22th 2022 over 5500 students are working as “Karnevalister”.

Carnival X is LundaEkonomerna's own version of this project. This project is responsible for getting the members of LundaEkonomerna in the right Carnival spirit during the year by arranging events and other fun activities.