Are you interested in LE Merch? Skånis is open 10-12 each working day. Come by and try out your favourites!

We are currently selling hoodies, sweatshirts, water bottles, songbooks, cloth bags, cufflinks and ties.

Questions regarding the merch?

What we offer:

LE Sweatshirt

350 SEK

Grey sweatshirt with the classic white LundaEkonomerna Logo.

LE Hoodie

500 SEK

Grey hoodie with the classic white LundaEkonomerna Logo.

LE Cloth Bag

70 SEK

Beige cloth bag with the red LundaEkonomerna logo.

LE Pin

50 SEK

The golden LE pin. A must-have for the LundaEkonomerna sittnings.

LE Cufflinks (silver)

150 SEK

LE cufflinks in silver. The perfect accessory to match with your frack at any bal here in Lund.

LE Cufflinks (red & gold)

150 SEK

LE cufflinks in red and gold.

LE Tie

200 SEK

The newest addition to the collection – the red LE tie. A must-have in your LE wardrobe.

LE Songbook

75 SEK

The newest edition of the LundaEkonomerna songbook, from VT2022. To maximize the experience of every sittning.

LE Water Bottle

90 SEK

LE water bottle to stay hydrated during the exam periods.