A student union has to perform educational surveillance by law in order to be a union. Which means making sure the schools offers the best possible education for the students, as well as handling other school-related matters. 

Another thing which is specific for a student union is that it can only organize activities for its members. While nations can arrange events for all members of Studentlund. It’s because of this reason it’s mandatory to be a member of LundaEkonomerna to be able to attend our events.

Unions are also the only ones allowed to orginize career-activities in Studentlund.

Studentlund is the cooperation between all the unions and nations, and Akademiska Föreningen (AF). The purpose of this collaboration is to ensure you can take part in the amazing student life here in Lund. It also enables all parties to create the best student environment for all students at Lund’s University.

The membership fee you pay each semester allocates to one nation, one union and AF.  Read more about Studentlund by clicking on the button on the right.

You can find all answers on our Membership page.

In LundaEkonomerna we have 30 committees. Depending on their recruitment cycles, they recruit members one or two times per year. Under the Get Involved tab on the website (see the bottom to the right) you can see which committees are currently recruiting. When you have found one committee of interest, you get to send in your application. Everyone who applies get invited to an interview. 

We rely on good communication with the faculty and the departments. Therefore, we’re very good at communicating our students’ opinions. Correspondingly the faculty is very interested in what we have to say and we treasure our collaboration highly. We are represented in all preparatory and decision-making bodies of the faculty, and also on university level through our umbrella organization LUS.

Through conducting and following up on the Education Committee’s Speak Up Days we know the student opinions regarding their studies and study environment. Through observing and analyzing patterns in the issues reported we can see the things that need to be improved on. By keeping a close eye on the society and the university and how the development of the two will affect the students at the university we are able to control and make sure that the development won’t affect the students negatively.

All the above contribute to the collective student opinion which is what we represent. We also follow the Student Rights List and our Opinions Program to always have anchored opinions and a common front. You’ll find the documents here.

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