Latest updates

3rd of February 2022

On the 3rd of February, the Swedish government announced that they will lift all restrictions for vaccinated people from the 9th of February. The Board of LundaEkonomerna will with this decision lift all our current restrictions and move all operations back to physical form from the 9th of February. This means that Skånis will be open again for you to microwave your lunch and hang out. 

Still, it is a high spread rate and it is therefore very important that you keep staying at home if you feel sick or have any symptoms. 


14th of January 2022

 Due to the new restrictions and recommendations presented by the Public Health Agency (Folkhälsomyndigheten) and the government on the 10th of January the Board has updated LundaEkonomerna’s current guidelines and restrictions that apply to all union-related activities. Additionally, the general advice and guidelines from The Public Health Agency apply to all union activities. The decision will be re-evaluated on a regular basis by the Board.


  • Skånis will be closed until the Government comes with new restrictions.


  • Ideon will also be closed until the Government comes with new restrictions.

Physical Events

  • All physical events indoors are to be postponed. We strongly encourage digital solutions instead. Outdoor events can be approved on a case-to-case basis.


5th of January 2022

On the 23rd of December 2021, the Government presented new restrictions as a consequence of an increased number of people infected by Covid-19.  This will affect our overall Union activities in the following ways:


  • Skånis will keep being open for Union operations as long as the education is physical. 
  •  Avoid crowding at all times. 

Physical events  

  • 50 person limit per event. 
  • Make sure you can conduct it without crowding. 
  • All physical events will be considered on a case-to-case basis.

Union work that is affected by the recommendations more specifically is communicated to the Project Leaders by the Board.

The decision regarding the restrictions will be re-evaluated on a regular basis by the Board.


29th of September 2021

As we are facing brighter times, the Union can finally go back to more normal operations. Please, see the list of guidelines stated below. Except this, we kindly ask you to follow the recommendations stated by the Swedish Public Health Authority. This, for example, involves washing your hands, and to adapt if you are not vaccinated.

The guidelines for LundaEkonomerna’s operations from the 29th of September are as follows:

  • Normal operations mean physical events to the biggest extent possible. (Until the first of November, events inside the school will be evaluated from case to case)
  • Skånis will be open between 10-17 every working day.
  • Office hours between 10-12. During office hours, the board is available to answer questions, etc.
  • Members can come to Skånis to have their lunch and hang out. Members are also allowed to sit at Skånis and discuss committee work. However, for committee meetings, in particular, bookings of meeting rooms are preferred.
  • The Ideon office is reserved for committee work and meetings. If you wish to socialize and eat your lunch, you are more than welcome to Skånis.
  • Study places at Campus will successively open from the 1st of October.