Joel Andersson Eneberg

Joel is the Communications Manager of LundaEkonomerna, a full time position. He’s in charge of all the marketing being done by the Union. He can help you with any question that you have about LundaEkonomerna’s marketing. Joel can also help you if you have an issue with your membership in Studentlund, if you are or should be a member of LundaEkonomerna.

Our Communications Manager is also responsible for the Union’s contact with the rest of Lund’s student life. Joel acts as our representative in the boards of Studentlund, Terminsräkningsföreingen and Akademiska Föreningen’s supreme board.

Joel also works as a support function for all of those 30 people working with marketing in our Union, as well as his three Committees – the Marketing Group, Nådiga Lundtan and the Novice Committee. When he’s not helping others, he’s coming up with new ways to market LundaEkonomerna externally.

His previous experience within LundaEkonomerna, before stepping on the Board, was being the Communications Coordinator of the Social Committee, as well as being a part of the Novice Committee.



0723 22 00 77