Josefine Arvidsson

Josefine is the Corporate Relations Manager of LundaEkononomerna, a full-time position. 

Together with the Corporate Sales Manager, she’s in charge of the career activities in the union. This includes all forms of external contact performed for the union. Besides being a member of the board, the responsibility of the Corporate Relations Manager is to manage and lead the career leg and the committees within it, handling external contacts and being responsible for our partners. The ultimate goal for our career activities is to provide students with the opportunity to meet employers that they find interesting. Josefine is the contact person for the eeeDays, Corporate Challenge, WILMA, the Corporate Relations Committee (CRC), Lund European Business Tour and Samday.

Josefine’s previous engagement in LundaEkonomerna includes being the Corporate Relations Coordinator of Samday 2022 and Informations Coordinator for the eeeDays 2023. She was also one of the Project Leaders (Head of Sales) of the Corporate Challenge 2022, as well as a member of the General Council.


0723 22 00 66