John Söderberg

John Söderberg is the Corporate Sales Manager (CSM), which is a part-time position within the board of LundaEkonomerna.

The CSM is in charge of all the sales within the Union regarding for example our guest lectures, company visits and other corporate activities. Some of his responsibilities are therefore to find new companies who are interested in collaborating with the union as well as maintaining a good relationship with existing partner companies, and to coordinate all of LundaEkonomerna’s sales activities.

The CSM works closely together with the Corporate Relations Manager, and together they oversee the career leg within LundaEkonomerna. The vision is to decrease the gap between the work life and student life. The CSM is also the contact person for CRC, LEBT, LEST and Samday.

Before the board, John had the position of Project Leader for Sales Team (now a part of the Corporate Relations Committee).



0705 20 32 25