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Educational Surveillance is the main purpose of our union – it’s why we exist. We are here to support you in matters large or small, and represent your opinions towards LUSEM and LU. We work every day to improve and develop your education, to make your studies rewarding, your knowledge relevant, and your future brighter.


Our goal is to represent our members’ opinions in a broad scope. We gather your opinions through the Speak Up Days, by your student issues, and by talking to our members. We are in dialogue with LUSEM and LU on a daily basis, and represent you in all decision-making bodies of LU, from the departments of LUSEM – all the way up to the board of Lund University!

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Highlights, insights, and other relevant information

Take part of our biggest achievements from the latest Semester in terms of Educational Surveillance. 

Here you will receive updates every other month about the Union’s latest achievements when it comes to your education.

Here are the Speak Up Days reposts from a few years back. SPUD is handled by the Education Committee each semester and exists to get a deeper understanding of the students’ opinions.

The student rights list contains all the rights and obligations you have as a student at Lund University. You can find everything student representation, work environment, examinations and course schedules here. Take a look at what rights you have and remember that if you feel like any of these rights have been violated, send in a student issue to us at the top of this page!


List of Student Rights

At Lund University, we have a special list of student rights that is used on all faculties. This list is a gathering of laws and accepted statements that apply to all students studying at Lund University.

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Opinion Program

LundaEkonomerna's opinions and standpoints in various matters. Such as education, the university, LUSEM, and Studentlund.

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