Hugo Gemzell

Hugo is the Educational Affairs Manager of LundaEkonomerna, a part-time position. He is responsible for student welfare work and is Head of Student Health and Safety Representative at LUSEM. 

Educational surveillance is one of Hugos’ main responsibilities which involves gathering students’ opinions through different channels, such as the Speak Up Days Survey. These opinions will later be brought up to the school in different faculty forums. Hugo has daily communication with the vice president of LundaEkonomerna and the staff at school to maintain a strong relationship with the faculty in order to uphold the high educational quality of LUSEM.

Today, in collaboration with the Education Committee, Hugo can help you with issues regarding school and the study social environment. So don’t hesitate to contact him if you have any questions!

Before being elected to the board, Hugo was a part of the Education Committee as a Student Representative for the International Business program.