Adrian Schmidt

Adrian is the Internal Relations Manager of LundaEkonomerna, a full time position. His job is to make sure all Project Leaders of LundaEkonomerna are collaborating. This work is mainly being done through “The Collegium”, which is the network for all current Project Leaders of LundaEkonomerna. When a new project Leader is being elected, Adrian is the one to introduce them to the union and he make sure they have the support they need to run their projects and to be the best possible leaders. Adrian can help you if you have any questions about what it entails to be a Project Leader or an Active Member for LundaEkonomerna, or if you have any other inquired regarding engagement within the union.

Adrian acts as a support function for all Project Leaders within the union and he arrange for example monthly Collegial Meetings, a Collegial Kick off every semester and leadership educations. Further on, Adrian is the contact person for The Vieri Project, Vinterbalen and the LE Band.

Adrian’s previous experience within LundaEkonomerna, before stepping on the Board, was being a member the Social Committee, being the founder of LE Band, and lastly being the Speaker in General Council.