Yeganeh Ranjbar

Yeganeh is the Vice President of LundaEkonomerna, a full-time position. Her job is to ensure that all students receive the best education possible, by monitoring, influencing and improving it in the highest decision making bodies within the faculty and at University level. If you have any questions regarding the education, study surveillance, student-related matters or issues, or just have general ideas or questions regarding the school, Yeganeh can help you. She is also the highest student representative, which means that he continuously meets the directors of the school to discuss improvements, so if you have any ideas she is more than happy to sit down over a cup of coffee.

Yeganeh is also the contact person for LE Sustainability. She works closely with the Educational Affairs Manager and the Education Committee and finally is the Chair of the Educational Council.

Her previous experience within LundaEkonomerna, before stepping onto her position within the Board, is as the Project Leader of the Education Committee.