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Networking on its many levels is one of the key components in life. We wish to be the connection between former and current members of Lundaekonomerna.

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To create a long lasting network so that all our former members.

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About the Alumni Project.

Lundaekonomerna has meant a lot to many people and leaving it all behind after graduation can be tough. The alumni network wants to make sure that after you graduate you can keep your connections to the union. Networking is a big part of both our social and professional life and we believe that staying in touch with people whom you have studies with, worked with and grown with is both important and gratifying. We aim to establishing a connection so that all who consider themselves a Lundaekonom can keep in touch with the union.

Our Vision is to create a long lasting network so that all our former members can keep their connections and build new ones with one another, the union and current active members. We aim to bring you different types of events so that you can feel as if you never left.

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