The Collegium

The Collegium

Being a  Collegial member
The collegium consists of 42 Project Leaders within 29 different committees and projects. To be a collegial member means you have a position of trust and are a link between all active members and the board, and the rest of the union.

What you do
As a project leader you are responsible for a certain project or committee, but you are also a collegial memeber which means that you have a responsibility of transfering knowledge and information within the Union.

Every month there will be a mandatory Collegial Meeting where you, together with the other 41 collegials will discuss important topics and different information points.

In your committee or project you will be the one who is responsible to set goals and make sure that the work proceeds. You have an overviewing role where group dynamics, motivation and leadership are vital parts. Since all committees vary in size, this is of course dependable on what committee you are leading.

What you get
Of course you will recieve a lot of help and support getting your committee work going! You will also be able to join in on many fun and developing activities!

The collegial meetings are seen as a plattform for you to make your voice heard in important questions, and raise topics that you think are valuable. The will also form a great network where you get to know, and work with, the rest of the very ambitious (and awesome) Project Leaders.

Every semester the collegium goes on a kick off together. Usually this is a two day thing, which incluedes a sleep over somewhere! This is a fun activity with the main objective for you to get to know the other collegials and have a really good time!

Each semester different workshops and  inspirational lectures are held. Some examples of workshop we have had this past year is about our sitting culture, and how to exchange knowledge betweeen committees. Examples of inspirational lectures that has taken place is about motivation, and how to set goals, as well as about leadership in general.

As a collegial you will also be invited to two events with Uppsalaekonomerna each year. In the fall we go to them in Uppsala to have a workshop together and then attend their sittting, Gräddgasquen. In the spring they come down to us, first we have a workshop to exchange knowledge and then a grand sitting, Uggleordern.  Above this other social activites are arranged during the year.

All collegials have a reduced price on most sittings and events, to many of them you will also recive a separeate link for registration – very convenient and simlpe!

The process of becoming a Collegial Member

1. Read more & Apply
You can read more about all available positions and apply HERE.

2. The difference between projects and committees.
Within the Union we have both projects and committees, difference between these two is that committees are regualted in the statute and have been around for a long time. Projects are still on “trial” and the idea is that after a couple of years they will turn into committees. If you apply for a project you will go through an interview with the Board. If you apply for a committee you will go through an interview with the Nominations Committee and then through the General Council.

2.1 Nominations
When applying for one of the committees you will be contacted by the Nominations committee and then meet them for an interview. One candiate will be nominated to the General Council. It is a possibility for all LundaEkonomer to oppose the nominated candidate -see more information about opposing in the red box on THIS page. 

2.2 The Board
When applying for one of LundaEkonomernas projects you will be contacted by a member of the Board or the current Project Leader of the project. Then you will meet one member from the Board and the current Project Leader for an interview. After the interview one candidate will be choosen as the new project leader of the project through an election in a Board meeting.

3. General Council
The General Council is LundaEkonomernas highest desicion making organ, made up from strudents who are voted in by all of our members. If you would like to know more about General Concil you can read some HERE. If you apply for a Committee, and are nominadted by Nominations Committee  you will be asked to have a speach of three minutes in The General Council and then answere questions for seven minutes. All members are welcome to oppose positions. To oppose you contact the Speaker at least five days before the meeting where the position will be elected. After all candidates have had their speaches and answered questions the General Council will discuss all candidates and then elect one applicant as the new Project Leader.

4. Start up meeting
After you have been elected to a collegial position within LundaEkonomerna you will be contacted by the Internal Relations Manager with more information about the new postion. Together with other new Project Leaders you will have a start up meeting to gain more and deeper knowledge about LundaEkonomerna and your new position of trust.
After this you will have meetings with other Board members to gain all the information you need to feel comfortable in your new role! And of course you will get help along the way!!

5. Start the work with your committee
This includes many things but some of the are: recruitments, organizing a kick off, planning meetings and of course to attend collegial meetings! Do not hesitate to contact the Internal Realtions Manager if you have any questions at all!


– Alumni
– LE Band
– Master Committee
– Quartermaster
– Sales Team
– Samday
– Treasury
– The Vieri

– Case Academy
– Corporate Challenge
– Corporate Relations Committee
– Education Committee
– eee
– KPMG Case Competition (KICC)
– Lund European Business Tour (LEBT)
– Lund Economic Stockholm Tour (LEST)
– Lund International Week (LIW)
– Marketing Group
– Nominations Committee
– Novice Committee
– Nådiga Lundtan
– Sexmästeriet
– Social Committee
– The Winterball
– Öresund Linking Minds (ÖLM)

A word from our Internal Relations Manager

Karin Funegård is the Internal Relations Manager in the Board. Her main responsibility is to give the collegial member the tools they need to be the best leaders possible. The Internal Relations Manager is coordinating all meetings and activities for the Collegium. Do not hesitate to send her an email if you have any questions at all!

See available positions

To be a Project Leader for one of LundaEkonomernas 28 committee and projects is a great challenge on many levels. You get to plan and organize, in most of the positions you get to be a leader for other students, and above that you also get practice some certain skills depending on what committee or project you choose. I would say that LundaEkonomerna offers something for everyone within our three legs; Career, Education and Social.

You do not have to have any previous experience within the union to apply for a collegial position – so if you find a position that you think would fit you and seems fun, go for it!!

Are you interested? We really look forward to having you on the team!

Karin Funegård
Internal Relations Manager


Filip Wallersköld
Project Leader of the Nominations Committee