Our Approach.

The Union has the luxury to have some of Sweden’s most talented students under our roof. Our Collegium; creative, ambitious and kind-hearted people who challenge the conventional way of doing things.

Our Mission.

To lead the Committees within LundaEkonomerna.

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About the Collegium.

The Collegium consists of our beloved Project Leaders and their vice project Leaders. Their mission is to work actively with long-term operational goals and create a good foundation for all LundaEkonomerna’s events. They collaborate by giving each other advice but also solve problems together that the entire Union will benefit from.

The Collegium is run by the Internal Affairs Manager, who summons the Collegium once every month. The Collegium handles matters together, and implements this over the entire organisation. By doing this, we collaborate our tasks and ensures that everyone collaborates in a good way.

Meet the Team

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