LundaEkonomerna ensures quality and wellbeing for all students at LUSEM.

Therefore, your opinions are important to us. If you have experienced something out of the ordinary, no matter where or what, please do not hesitate to contact us by register an issue. All issues are anonymous unless you decide otherwise.

LundaEkonomerna’s main responsibility is to monitor the education at LUSEM, which also includes handling student matters and study related issues. A matter or student issue can be anything connected to the education, for example opinions regarding the study environment, exams, teachers ability to teach, grading, or sometimes even harassment. These are just some examples, but regardless what kind of matter it is: LundaEkonomerna will help you to the best of our ability.

You register your issue down below. The issues are anonymous and are handled solely by the Education Committee or by the Board. Once we receive an issue we handle it in accordance with the List of Rights and Swedish Law (the Higher Education Act). When the issue is handled, the student can be given a report on how the matter was handled if chosen when filing the issue. Usually we solve the matter by representing the student’s opinion towards the school, and ensure that the matter is resolved.

Guides & documents

List of Student Rights.

At Lund University, we have a special list of student rights that is used on all faculties. This list is a gathering of laws and accepted statements that applies to all students studying at Lund University.

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We handle different issues differently.

All School related matters are handled by the Education Committee, or by the Educational Affairs Manager and the Vice President. These people work with Educational Surveillance and its improvement.

The Union related matters are handled mainly by the Board of LundaEkonomerna. These ten people are chosen by the members and operate at Skånelängan.

The Whistleblower function is a means for you as a member notify us, the Union, about things that otherwise may pass us by unnoticed. These are later on handled by the Board on one of our weekly meetings.

Get in touch.

The Educational Affairs Manager is in charge of the issues. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

How is the matter solved?

Often we solve it together with the teachers or together with the faculty.

Who is involved?

The Education Committee has a team that works with student matters. In the Board there are two people working with education surveillance, and these two can also handle matters if needed. Lastly, there is an external party, Studentombudsmannen, who works full-time in matters that needs for example legal advice.

Can I be sure that my issue is solved?

We can guarantee that we will do everything in our power to help you. However, sometimes we cannot solve the issue immediately which means that we will dedicate resources over long time to ensure improvement.

What is the Students List of Rights?

It is a document used as a complement to the Higher Education Act and the Higher Education Ordinance, used by the entire University. The document can be found here.

What power do you have?

According to the Swedish Law, we have the rights to influence the education at the University. We also have the right to participate in all higher decision making bodies within the University. Therefore we can influence the education on all levels.