Vinterbalen is primarily held to thank and honor all of our hard-working members that proudly represent LundaEkonomerna throughout the year. All the active members, representatives from LUSEM, other key people for the union, and some ordinary students of LUSEM are invited to participate. The year 2019 Vinterbalen was Lunds biggest ball and the second-largest white tie ball in the nordic region. The Vinterbalen committee is arranging this huge and magical event in the middle of December and always makes sure it’s a once in a lifetime experience.

We can also guarantee you entertainment of its highest class and will of course continue the evening by dancing it away at the traditional after party. As it is the fifth year that we are arranging a lunch on the Sunday we are now making it an annual tradition! We can promise you that this year’s edition of Vinterbalen will be something out of the ordinary, so make sure to be there!



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