Dear Students of LUSEM,

The main purpose of a student union is to monitor the education and to make sure that all students get the best education possible. In these times where a lot of changes have been made in terms of ways of pedagogics, teaching, and examination, it is more important than ever for us as a union to monitor the education at Lund University School of Economics and Management. 

Although LundaEkonomerna’s physical organization is not open for the time being, this does not mean that the work within the union has stopped. As long as the school is providing education, the union needs to make sure that it goes the right way. 

We are aware that the changes have been drastic and possibly not optimal. However, we are very happy that the transition was able to happen fast when it was necessary. LundaEkonomerna has been pushing the faculty in terms of digitalization for several years, and without the hard work from all students working with educational surveillance for the past years, this fast transition would not have been possible.

LundaEkonomerna demands from the faculty that the courses taught online or on distance should be of equivalent quality to the physical courses. This means that scheduled elements of the courses should still be performed but through digital tools.  Please note that all changes made in the courses have to be confirmed by the union. Given the circumstances, the union is aware of and respects that the faculty needs to make some exceptions from the List of Rights for Students at Lund University. However, we will, of course, make sure that these exceptions are reasonable and that it happens to a small extent.

We understand that you probably have many thoughts, feedback and even complaints regarding the new ways of teaching. If you do, please send us a Student Issue at A new category of issues called “Digital & Canvas” has been added to the regular issues-form. The issues will be handled by either the Education Committee or the Educational Affairs Manager depending on the magnitude of the case. 

We have created an exam evaluation form that you can fill in after your exams. It will be open during the whole semester. You can find it by clicking the button below.


Always on your side. #WeCare 


The Board & The Education Committee