Candidates for the General Council 21/22
Elections are now open, from the 30th of April until the 27th of 21st of May. All members of LundaEkonomerna are able to vote, and all members have 5 votes each. Read through the candidate’s motivations and answers to the questions to get to know them.

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The candidates are as listed below:

Hugo Schyberg
Simon Öhlin
Felipe Quintero
Axel Andersson
William Weidow
Stina Antman
Anton Erik Ottosson
Matilda Svensson
Simon Falk
Emma Olsson
Hanna Kölerud
Eric Hemmingsson
Per Molander
Zakarias Grönkvist
Lisa Hamberg
Magnus Malmberg
Douglas Freidestam
Hedda Eld
Isak Bark
William Ringström
Greta Hjärre
Ella Thygesson
Johannes Andersson
Anton Åberg
Eline Damkjaer
Erik Björk
Filippa Schroeder
Emelie Hornbecl
André Asplund
Fabian Lindblad
Linus Lindh
Malin Wickelgren
Sebastian Bratthall
Vendela Meyerhöffer
Molly Backman
Alice Ekstrand
Clara Reich Zackrisson
Axel Paulsson
Teo Lindroth
Rasmus Engström
Felicia Zheng

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