The Members that will represent the General Council during the business year of 21/22

Ordinary Member

Alice Ekstrand
Axel Paulsson
Eline Damkjaer
Ella Thygesson
Emelie Hornbeck
Emma Olsson
Felicia Zheng
Greta Hjärre
Hugo Schyberg
Johannes Andersson
Lisa Hamberg
Magnus Malmberg
Molly Backman
Per Molander
Rasmus Engström
Simon Falk
Stina Antman
Teo Lindroth
Vendela Meyerhöffer
William Weidow
Zakarias Grönkvist

Deputy members

Clara Reich Zackrisson
Eric Hemmingsson
Felipe Quintero
William Ringström
Fabian Lindblad
Simon Öhlin
Sebastian Bratthall
Anton Erik Ottosson
Filippa Schroeder
Linus Lindh

Deputy Members are listed in the order they will have voting right if an Ordinary Member would not be able to attend the General Council.