Staff for LundaEkonomerna

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A lot of the committees and projects of LundaEkonomerna need help to arrange their events. This creates opportunities to contribute in easier ways than holding a position for at least half a year. It is everything from being one of the Sexmästeriet heroes for an evening, to being a photographer at the eee-days, to help out doing a dinner for the homeless with Light.

What do I get out of it?

First of all, it’s very fun! The student life in Lund is run by students volunteering, just as at the nations night clubs and lunches. You get to meet new people, contribute to a better student life in Lund, try out volunteering in LundaEkonomerna and some kind of thank you event as a kick-off, dinner or party.


Fill out this notice of interest below. Add requested information and you will get contacted when it’s time for the events or the applications are open.