Get Involved.

The entire student life is based on voluntary efforts. But why work for free? Not do you only get to go to awesome activities as thanks, you will also meet many new people and get to try out your ideas! This is an opportunity for you to try completely new things and to develop your skills and yourself! Being an Active Member of one of LundaEkonomerna’s 28 committees is also a chance for you to take on responsibilities that otherwise only are available after several years in the working life.

Staffing is a great way of trying out the union! The task varies and depends on the event that you are staffing on. Usually you will work for a day or an evening and have limited responisiblity- and of course- a ton of fun!

If you want your time in Lund to involve more than just studying, then becoming an active member in LundaEkonomerna is the perfect next step for you. Here you can complement your studies with work that is applicable to your future career. Whether your passion lies within education, career, or social events LundaEkonomerna has something for everyone. Below you can find the current available positions within the Union, which you are more than welcome to apply for!

As a Project Leader for one of our 28 committees, you also become a collegial member. This means that you, above being responsible for you project/ committee also have a position of trust. As a collegial member, you will get a lot of support from other Project Leaders and from The Board. After you are elected you will get a thorough introduction to the Union and to your new role. Every month there is a collegial meeting where all 42 collegial members meet to discuss important matters within the union and to get vital information. One of the greatest tasks of being a collegial member is to spread the information from the Board to your committee. You will also be invited to a lot of different activities such as workshops, teambuilding’s, social gatherings, and a kick- off each semester. In addition, you also get discounts on social sittnings and other larger internal events.

Collegial Member.

Active Member.



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