Our Approach.

The Board is the highest operating body of LundaEkonomerna. It’s the Boards’ task to make sure that all operations runs smoothly. The different Board Members have different areas of the Union’s work as their main focus, and together they make up a management team as well as a board.

Our Mission.

To oversee the entire Union and all its operations.

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We are ten board members working either full-time or part-time with both operational tasks and long-term strategical goals. Together we make up the Board of LundaEkonomerna Student Union, but also its Management Team.

Our main job is to ensure that everything that LundaEkonomerna does brings value to our members. The Union operates in three different main areas: Education, Career and Social. We, the board members, are represented in all these main areas and ensures that all projects, committees and their events, upholds the highest quality possible.

We also work strategically with the longterm goals, and serve as a support function to all the project leaders as well as the active members.

We are ten in total, whereas six work full-time and four work part-time. We operate mainly at Skånelängan, our beloved Union house, but we also attend meetings around the University in order to collaborate with other organisations around Lund.

Our main objective as a student union is to monitor the education. By keeping close contact with the school at all different levels LundaEkonomerna speaks up for all of the students at LUSEM. Within the board the person in charge of the educational surveillance is the Vice President, who is to be contacted if you have any concerns regarding your education.

Here you’ll find what the board have discussed and decided about. Take a look at protocols from the Board Meetings to get an insight what’s happening in our student union.


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